The Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

12 Jul

People might think that regenerative medicine is something futuristic. These people do not know that it has been a long time since regenerative medicine was introduced. It started with the first bone marrow transplant and its study has been around longer.

But what is regenerative medicine?

The natural ability of every person to heal themselves and defend against illnesses and injury is the basic idea of regenerative medicine at There is nothing philosophical about this basic idea Healing in the body can be triggered in a very powerful and regenerative way by the things that make up your body

Traditional medicine cures symptoms. But regeneration medicine seeks to restore permanently the function and structure of damaged organs and tissues.

For those with debilitating illnesses, injury, and disease, regenerative medicine at offers hope. If you are someone who has been told that there is no longer any cure for your condition, then regenerative medicine gives you special hope.

What are the benefits of regenerative medicine?

Medication, transplants and lifestyle counseling are being used by traditional medicine to cure disease symptoms. You may have benefited from these treatments before. But there is no improvement in the quality of life and some conditions will return in time. Regenrative medicine gives more than treatment to symptoms; it cures impaired and failing tissues. Check out this website at to know more about health.

It is the goal of regenerative medicine to complete healing by using your own cells, blood, and tissues. In the future, doctors practicing regenerative medicine hope to heal the following conditions: cancer, diabetes, heart and blood vessel weakness, liver disease, lung disease and a lot more. The chances of surviving these serious health problems are high with regenerative medicine. The quality of life you had before can also be achieved.

There are several areas of regenerative medicine that are given focus today. And here they are.

One is the use of stem cells or cellular therapy. Damaged or destroyed tissues due to disease or trauma can be healed with stem cells. We have many stem cells all over our bodies. We can find adult stem cells throughout our bodies and especially in the adipose tissues.

It is the goal of regenerative medicine to cure patients without implanting new organs. You have no guarantee that the implanting of new organs will work all the time. In tissue engineering new heart valves are created instead of letting a patient undergo a heart transplant.

Growing new organs from the patient’s own cells are now possible with this field. This is made possible by manipulating cells in a laboratory setting to develop replacement organs. This is a response to the shortage of donor organs.

Another way to cure heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other serious health conditions is through clinical translation. They use the person’s own healthy cells to cure the sickness.

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